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Edwin Runs a tour called True Manila in the Philippines.  Essentially it’s an opportunity to visit the projects in Manila, meet local families and offer a small bit of charity in the form of cheap snacks for the kids and Rice and Noodles for the families.  It’s the only place I’ve seen this.  It’s a chance to see how people in poverty stricken countries live in the poor neighborhoods without feeling like a intruder.  You walk the through shanty towns, visit their homes and meet the families.  Edwin and True Manila have also set goals to start raising money to offer children from the projects the opportunity to go to school in an attempt to change their lives.


The reason Edwin started this was because of one story he told.

Years ago there was a boy from the projects that started following two Americans walking through his neighborhood.  The boy was 10 years old, from a really poor family and couldn’t speak any English except, “photo”.


The Americans took the photo he requested and offered him a meal and some Coca Cola.  They ended up seeing this kid several more times during their stay and ended up forming a bond with him.  Over the next several years the two Americans did everything they could to offer help to this kid in the form of small amounts of money and guidance.  The boy ended up learning English, going to school, and eventually college.  In time the boy became an actor, has been in commercials and just finished his first movie as the lead actor.  Shortly after starring in the movie the boy started true Manila.

Edwin was telling us his story.  How a few people passing through his neighborhood changed his life, and how he wished the same for others.

Me, Edwin, Mark, Edwins son - True Manila, Philippines
Me, Edwin, Mark and Edwins son.

4 thoughts on “A Story Worth Telling – True Manila”

  1. When is the upcoming tour and where should i proceed. I am in recovery for twoo weeks, so after that i would be able to do anything and go anywhere.

  2. Hi, i am trying to reach for this site TRUE MANILA , and it is not successful. Please email me on how i can join this group, i am always interested to help needy kids and it’s my dream to one day i can be able to do it. Seems this group is very accessable to me and finally i dont have to look for where to contact a charity associations. I would love to be with kids and it melts my heart whenever i see them. Please help me commit my dream.

    1. Hi Jennifer, Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! Edwin, the founder of True Manila, is actually in the United States currently, so I’m unsure if the tour is currently happening. Your best bet would be to contact him via his website http://www.truemanila.com/contact/, but if you’re still having trouble accessing it, I’ll send you a separate email with a link to his Facebook profile. I hope this helps. I’ve come across some similar opportunities in Manila, but the names elude me. You might be able to ask around at find them if True Manila doesn’t work out this time.

  3. I honor that man for his efforts, and good on you for going to the other side of the city. Every little bit helps!

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