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Dazed and Confused…

The race against winter has officially been lost.  It’s snowing in Krakow and I own a full wardrobe of winter clothes.  I’ve been decommissioned with a second cold which has slowed filming, blogging and traveling to a crawl.  BUT, the show must go on, so here’s the plan;

I fly to Kiev, Ukraine on Thursday.  From Kiev, I work on my Chinese Visa and flight to Asia.  After the administerial stuff is done; I explore.  Hopefully see Chernobyl, maybe visit Odessa (Although, I heard Odessa is only good for cheap beer and hot chicks.  So, I might skip it……) and a few other stops.

Once I get my Ukraine fill;  Asia.  My goal is Northern China then work my way south.  I’ll then bounce through Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, etc.), which because of the weather, couldn’t be more enticing.  Asia is also where filming gets kicked up a notch, so get phsyced!

From here (Croatia):


To here (Poland):


…Why!!?  Only three weeks apart.

Game of Thrones, Wardrobe Malfunction

For those who are a fan of the Game of Thrones HBO TV series, you’d be interested to know that Lannister city is filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  We caught wind that they would be filming in the arboretum just outside town.  Venturing out to see if we could get a peak, we were greeted by a fleet of security guards making it clear that all entrances were covered.  Defeated, we decided to walk around and see what we could discover.  What we discovered was;  While all gates were covered the rocky hill on the back side of the arboretum was not.  While I would never trespass, I do occasionally find my self “lost” where I’m not suppose to be.  So getting lost, we shimmied up the backside of the filming site.

Once in the Arboretum we realized filming was much further in, so Chaz proposed a naked picture (for myself, Jamie and him) facing out towards the ocean, so to be creative and not lewd.  While Chaz is a fan of the naked pictures, I’m a fan of not being outdone.  So, setting up a camera we spent the next awkward five minutes slowly stripping down into our stage costumes.

Finally set, we jumped on the wall facing the ocean before looking down to see five elderly people staring at all our frontal glory about 10 feet away, who clearly just arrived on that days cruise ship.

In the end we got the picture, missed the game of thrones filming but gave five people ‘long tails’ of the beautiful Dubrovnik scenery.