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Soothing Sounds of a Hostel

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I still have to repeat this with 30 second intervals of choking along with, a guy trying to convince a girl ‘they can have sex because everyones asleep’, a laughing girl, a touch of bass, doors slamming and you will soothingly be kept awake for hours!  CD’s in stores soon.  Get yours before they’re gone!

Travel Mistake #1

Trusting someone else to book an important ticket.

I’ll try to make this short and not rant.

Some of the cheapest transportation can only be booked on non-english websites, so it requires help.  I grappled with the decision to fly to Kiev or take a train over the cost.  The train would take much longer but save a little money.  Feeling sick, tired and in dire need to move to warmer climate quickly, I opted for the flight.

I had to trust a girl working at the hostel to book my ticket.

She booked me to the wrong city.

The flight ended up costing more than I was told and more than my entire stay at the hostel.  I didn’t catch the mistake because Gmail blocked the ticket until hours before my flight and the cities are spelt different in Polish.  I first realized the mistake when I heard the city announced over boarding call.

So, I traveled less than half the distance to where I needed to go at 8x the cost of a train.

At this point I don’t know if I should be pissed, cry, or just be appreciative that she was willing to help.  What I do know is this trip is costing me $135 dollars more than the train alone and taking me 16 hours longer than the correct flight… (it’s even 4 hours longer that if I took a train the whole way).

On second thought, I’ll go with pissed.

Editors note:  It’s a good thing I re-wrote this after I cooled down.  The original post was just four letters with a bunch of exclamation points… k.

Dazed and Confused…

The race against winter has officially been lost.  It’s snowing in Krakow and I own a full wardrobe of winter clothes.  I’ve been decommissioned with a second cold which has slowed filming, blogging and traveling to a crawl.  BUT, the show must go on, so here’s the plan;

I fly to Kiev, Ukraine on Thursday.  From Kiev, I work on my Chinese Visa and flight to Asia.  After the administerial stuff is done; I explore.  Hopefully see Chernobyl, maybe visit Odessa (Although, I heard Odessa is only good for cheap beer and hot chicks.  So, I might skip it……) and a few other stops.

Once I get my Ukraine fill;  Asia.  My goal is Northern China then work my way south.  I’ll then bounce through Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, etc.), which because of the weather, couldn’t be more enticing.  Asia is also where filming gets kicked up a notch, so get phsyced!

From here (Croatia):


To here (Poland):


…Why!!?  Only three weeks apart.

Up to Speed

After Estonia I decided to skip Lithuania and shoot straight into Poland.  Krakow seems to be everyone’s favorite spot, but I don’t like doubling down on places I’ve visited.  So, I decided to shoot over to Warsaw (Which was low on the popular list) then into Wroclaw and visit a couple of great people, Hanna and Michal.  I saw Wroclaw as a good opportunity to get some rest… However, trying keep up with Michal, I found my self drinking vodka by the bottle, followed by 6am wakeup calls by the resident 2 year old.

Now I’m in Krakow logging some serious sleep and getting recharged for the push through Ukraine followed by China, granted I obtain a visa.  For the visa I’ll need to hit the Chinese embassy in Ukraine and if that fails try again in Hong Kong.

A little of Krakow,

Warsaw to Wroclaw, Poland – Karma

Leaving Warsaw I was pissed to discover some tall ugly dude cooking our food in the kitchen and we had just gone shopping for ingredients based on what we had leftover in the fridge (clearly labeled). He looked suspicious and was cooking in the dark when I confronted him asking where he got the eggs, “Marr-ket…”. With no evidence I had to settle with snide remarks under my breath until I realized his eggs shells had the same serial number as our empty carton. I was pissed! Not because he took our food, but because people around the world fantasize about the day they catch the asshole who steals from the common room fridge and I caught him red handed and there was nothing I could do but lecture him as he shook his head “I, no stand…”.

All we could settle with is karma comes full circle. Few hours later trying to catch a train, a polish kid ran with us to help us find our connection in time despite arriving to his destination. On the right train but hungry, a polish women gave us a sandwich and cookies and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So on the right train with a full stomach I think back to that jerk who stole our food but in the end got kicked to the street. Karma.