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Serbian Gangsta Rap Session

I never posted this but it’s funny and oddly good!  The guitar only had 4 strings left, the back of the guitar was half attached and dude rapping wasn’t a rapper; but he killed it!

When you watch it you’ll notice the girls were totally in to us!  That’s what those repulsed looks mean right?

Truth is, I asked them to look bored and they killed it too.  We recorded it twice and the first time they looked WAY to into the music for what it was.  So I asked them to look more relaxed and cocky like girls you’d see in a music video… you can decided their success.  Enjoy!

Girl Theory

Most of my posts involve how many beautiful women there are.  Because I feel this is going to be an ongoing theme, I’m going to explain why every city is like watching an episode of project runway (What I’d imagine the show to be like, of course I’ve never watched it).  Short answer;  War.  This region of the world has been plagued by domestic and international disputes for years.  What sex is historically on the front line of wars?  The men.  Wipe out the male population and what are you left with?  Bingo.

*(this is what I’ve been told and I choose to believe.)

Belgrade, Serbia in Review – WTF!

Why would anyone want to go here?

JUST KIDDING! Belgrade is awesome! And because awesome means eight in Serbian (osam), which provoked much teasing, I’ll give you eight reasons why:

1. Fortress – One of the coolest sights in Belgrade, and arguably Europe. It’s old, it’s beautiful, it offers magnificent views, has cafe’s, museums (one of the coolest war museums I’ve seen, $1), art displays (discover America, ha) and on, and on… and it’s free!

2. Beautiful – It reminds you of most Eastern European cities which becomes more relevant with point 3.

3. Cheap – I love this. On a cost of living basis Belgrade its roughly 8x cheaper than Boston. What does this mean? If you earn 60k a year in Boston, in Belgrade you have an annual purchasing power of half a million dollars. Fun!

4. Friendly – Go out of their way to help and sincerely appreciate that you want to see their country. Unless you film them fighting at a club.

5. Clubs – Can go out any night of the week and they are packed

6. Girls – hot

7. Chicks – pretty

8. Babes – you get the point.

I discovered Belgrade because of other travelers. Outside of this network, Serbia is still a mystery. It seems to be struggling to shed its early 90′s reputation of war. However in 5 to 10 years Belgrade will be inline with Prague, Hungary and the other must see eastern European Cities but with one advantage; It’s cheap! A special thanks to Backpacker’s Lounge and our whole hostel family.

Oh, and by the way; that first picture, we did that… oops.  It housed the governing party before we came to say hello and they kept it as a memorial.

Welcome to Serbia

In typical fashion, a night of travel with no sleep warrants a good night off to rest.  In typical fashion, this never happens.  The first night in Belgrade was met with travelers and locals preparing for a big night on the town with a friendly game of kings.

Also, the beauty of Belgrade, Serbia, you can literally go out every night of the week and the bars are packed.  This time of year the hot spots are these giant floating boathouses which extend out into the rivers with a long suspended boardwalk leading you to the club.

We headed out on the town, turning down the first bar because of an exorbitant 5000 dinar cover charge, clearly a “foreigner special” (approximately $9 per person).  We were then welcomed to the second bar by a commotion at the entrance and a shirtless bloody guy bursting out the door with a huge bouncer in a red leather jacket in hot pursuit.  To gain control, the bouncer followed protocol and threw a haymaker to the side of the shirtless guys head.  With this happening all around me, I did what any red blooded American would do;  got out my camera and started filming.  The bouncers throwing blows didn’t take kindly to this and decided to charge me.  Fortunately, steroids make you strong but not fast and I was able to keep a step ahead of them.  Filming was obviously a bad idea, but I didn’t catch anything good, so of course, I tried again.  Putting the camera back on the commotion the fighters quickly chased each other down the street and lost my interest.

My attention went back to having a fun night out.  One of the other bouncers clammy called me over and because he was the gate keeper I complied.  He asked for my camera.  Working on this film project, you’d have better luck asking for my kidney.  I explained to him that I would delete the video, but I would not put the camera in his hands.  His response to this was to pull me in with both hands and call the roided-out bouncer over.  Survival mode.  With everything I had, I ripped my arm away and bolted.

The night then got really bad as I couldn’t find one open gyro shop on the walk home.

In Transit

Thankfully there is a night train to Belgrade, Serbia, my next destination.  My excitement quickly diminished with a few stories:

1.  It smells like pee.

2.  A guy from the hostel is on the train.  Bulgarian police search his train car and find assault rifles and shotguns hidden in the ceiling.  Guy pleads they’re not his as the police calmly ignore him and confiscate the fire arms because apparently this smuggling is normal.

3.  Girl from hostel.  30 minutes into a train ride the driver realizes he is going the wrong direction and driving to Hungary instead of Bulgaria.  His wrong guess (between east or west) resulted in an extra two hours added to the journey.

4.  And the last story is… there wasn’t a last story.  Everyone kept going…