A Production State of Mind – (Image, maybe NSFW…)

For this film I’ve been to 17 countries, 28 major cities, 10 tropical islands, Everest Base Camp and a destroyed nuclear power plant.  I’ve been robbed, fallen in love, broke stuff, lost stuff, made friends, made enemies, been stressed, relaxed, watched gang fights, been chased by trannies, bouncers, and kids…

and I have it on film.

It would be hard for anyone to imagine the things I’ve seen or been through.  It’s for that reason I knew Backpackers Union would be a good idea.

IMG_6944 1-001

However, I am now a little distracted and getting anxious for the post production process.  As a result my updates may suffer briefly… but with 1.5+ terabytes of videos, pictures and audio, I promise the ride only gets better!


PS.  I literally get chills when thinking about the people pulling for this project, so again, thank you!  This graph is only updated through the start of April because of a server change, but we’re growing!!!

Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 9.18.21 PM

Backpackers Union viewed around the world.
Screen shot 2013-06-007

I’m a Twit… I mean a Tweeter

I’m always fighting technology and always losing.  I finally added a Twitter follow button to the right side below the main menu as well as a subscription box for emails (not on the mobile version).  The boxes are there out of the understanding that some people probably just want to know when the film is done.  Well, this is my answer.

You won’t get a ton of tweets or emails from me.  In fact, if I get it my way, you’ll get just one titled, “Films Here!”

So, if that’s what you’re looking for, please add your email or follow my new twitter account.  Thanks!

A demographic map of people tweeting just in Japan; the map that defeated me…

Not an original image.

Japan’s Technology is Scary!

With a little help from Japanese technology, I walked into a photo booth today and emerged a star!  It may have digitally enlarged my eyes a little, chiseled my jaw and added some digital makeup, but I look good!

Their ability to transform me into this dashing amazing looking young man is a little scary however.  It may be time the US takes its eyes off North Korea and starts paying attention to the real threat.

Japaness photo booth

PS. There were other photo’s too, but they were literally so good I didn’t want to start a panic.

From 3rd World to 1st

I stumbled on a plane this morning half asleep and flew to another island.  When I finally navigated to my new hostel and used the rest room I knew something was up; I definitely wasn’t in a third world country anymore.

Any westerner who travels to Asia will notice something right away; buckets with scoopers, and sometimes when things get really fancy, a sprayer mounted to the wall of the bathroom.  Both of these are for washing your backside, a gross and barbaric substitute for toilet paper… until you use them.  They’re F’n brilliant and you learn to love and respect them.

The "Bum Gun"

Well, I’m never going back!  This is what I walked into today.

Japaness advanced toilet

The throne of thrones.  Hello, Tokyo city Japan!

And yes, you have to try all the buttons.

The Secret – Philippines

One of the challenges with the Philippines is trying to decide what to do and where to go.  It’s not yet a very popular destination for travelers, so not much is known about the best spots.  This can be both good and bad.  The Good; You can still find hidden gems and enjoy them with a few close friends.  The Bad;  Trying to find the hidden gems.

That being said, I found one.

Santiago Bay Resort Philippines, Camotes - Backpackers Union

The Island is called Camotes and it’s two hours by boat from Cebu which has a major  airport making it easy to get to.

Santiago Bay Resort Philippines, Camotes - Backpackers Union

I traveled there with a friend named Jay-Lee from California who now lives in Manila.  The day we met in Cebu we still didn’t know where we were going to travel.  In the airport she talked to a backpacker who recommended Camotes and a beach called Santiago Bay Beach.  No one knew anything about it but we decided, screw it, why not?

View from Santiago Bay Resort Philippines, Camotes

Camotes, Philippines - Sunken Ship

We’re glad we did!

For $18 each we stayed in a resort on the beach with two pools, bars, a secret abandoned cove, jet skis, mopeds, trampolines on the ocean… the works.  For two days we lived the high life for pocket change on a beautiful Island.

Jay-Lee’s also a babe, so that helps.

The Cave:

Santiago Bay Resort Philippines, Camotes - The Cave

Santiago Bay Resort Philippines, Camotes - The Cave

Santiago Bay Resort Philippines, Camotes - The Cave

Check it out!

Serbian Gangsta Rap Session

I never posted this but it’s funny and oddly good!  The guitar only had 4 strings left, the back of the guitar was half attached and dude rapping wasn’t a rapper; but he killed it!

When you watch it you’ll notice the girls were totally in to us!  That’s what those repulsed looks mean right?

Truth is, I asked them to look bored and they killed it too.  We recorded it twice and the first time they looked WAY to into the music for what it was.  So I asked them to look more relaxed and cocky like girls you’d see in a music video… you can decided their success.  Enjoy!

Hong Kong to Philippines

Now in the Phillipines!  Hong Kong, and so far in the Phillipines, could mostly be described as a vacation from a vacation.  I’ve done stuff, but not a lot.  Although one activity in Manila did make me feel good about my self which I’ll talk about later.

Clark Airport, Manila, Philippines

A lot of people said to escape Manila as quickly as you can, and I now see why!  I stayed at a hostel with a Pool, Bar, and terrible view for an expensive $10 a day.  Really tough living!

View from Pink Manila Hostel, Philippines

Pool at Pink Manila Hostel, Philippines

*(The place was great and easy to meet people.  It’s called “Pink Manila” and is run and owned by and awesome girl from Florida.)

Manila was actually a lot better then most described and seems to be growing quite a backpacking culture.  It’s also said to have one of the most robust couch surfing committees in the world.  It has a good night life, shopping, it’s pretty affordable and you can get circumcisions the same place you buy rice.  Convenient!  But the islands are suppose to be amazing and that is why it’s my next destination.

Circumcision sold at rice stand, Manila, Philippines

Shortly I’m catching a flight to the islands with a crew of four (One Canadian guy and two Danish girls) and will get productive again.  So I hope.

The world is ours.